How Long Does it take to Body Paint?

Depending on the job and artwork required some simple 1 color basic stencils designs can take 1-3 minutes and some full painting detailed photo shoots can take up to 3-4 hours to fully paint and render a detailed piece on the whole body. Most shoots last between 3-5 hours

What preparation do I need for the Shoot?

basic makeup like eyeliner and foundation. shaved skin so paint lays nice. you can bring accessories like heels if you wish. 

How well does the paint last?

I use top of the line body paints that are water based or alcohol based liquid make-up. for commercial,Promo, event and clubs where the paint needs to last all day I use alcohol body paint and for short glamour shoots water based that lasts for job.

Is it hard to remove the body paint?

all my body paints shoots are mostly water based so they are easier to come off with soap and water.

Do you Paint outside Chicago?

Yes, I love to travel! I will travel all around the world if expenses are paid. 

What is included in the Photography package?

i will email you the unedited shots in from that days shoot and or upload them for you to my server. I edit (5) high quality resolution images that you choose and I make them perfect for you.